Improved Performance.
Lower DIR Fees.

Lower DIR Fees

Increased Script Sales

PSAO Rebates

Improved perfomance.

We can help improve your adherence scores and reduce your DIR fees. Many PSAOs offer incentives for pharmacies that reach the Top 20% goal in performance metrics, and we can help get you there.

“Dealing with DIR fees can be overwhelming and, at times, frustrating and confusing. Having someone that can take that worry off my plate and show results is a big relief.”
Joe, One Pharmacy

Reduced workload.

We help synchronize prescriptions, answer patient questions, resolve issues, request refills, and much more. We address many of the concerns that patients have and therefore reducing your workload. We can help develop and strengthen the relationship between your pharmacy and patients.

Better patient outcomes.

We check in with patients to ensure that medications are taken correctly and that they understand the conditions they treat. We work with patients to ensure prescriptions are filled on time and proactively request refills from providers to decrease any chance of therapy interruption. This ensures your patients are staying healthy and also helps to increase and maintain your script volume.


Happy Customers

"We were having issues with meeting our goals in EQuIPP. Unfortunately, we didn't have the staff to manage the queue. They helped us improve our scores and increase our script sales."
Pharmacy Owner
“We thought that we understood PDC measures; they were able to clearly show us how our PSAO rebates are calculated and what to expect.”
"We didn't have time to commit to deal with adherence related measures. So having someone with knowledge about everything and knew what to look for."
Staff Pharmacist
“Patients are happy, and the staff appreciates them.”
Pharmacy Owner
“DIR fees were a lot, and we needed help.”
Pharmacy Tech
"Our script count increased, and our customer service improved. I didn't think our EQuIPP scores would go green. Pretty cool to see that."

Get more done.

Many of the tasks that your team performs can be assigned to our pharmacists and technicians. Refill requests, adherence calls, and patient concerns; we can assist with these tasks and allow your team to focus on store needs.

Customer focused.

We understand the importance of great customer service and the impact it has on your business. We train our experienced staff with guidance from pharmacy owners and results from patient focus groups. Amazing service is our top priority.

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We genuinely believe that having a personal connection with your pharmacist will ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

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